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The Art of Balloons: Let's Celebrate!

What happen when we see balloons? It awakens the child inside you. It makes us feel happy and joyful. That’s the main reason we have been using balloons over the decades in celebrations. Event designers and decorators have been creating stunning focal point décor, centerpieces, fun background for stages or photo booth, when decorating events with balloons, to open guests’ imagination and take them to other places or characters. The standard use of balloons was to decorate kids’ birthday parties, but lately it has been seen in many other events that traditionally you don’t see them, especially in weddings, bridal showers or any other adults party, giving the event a fun and different feel, but at the same time looking classy and elegant.

When decorating with balloons, have fun playing with various colors that go well together, as well as other balloon materials or shapes. Don’t be afraid to use different sizes, what we see currently is a variety of mixed sizes of balloons ranging from 5 inches to 32 inches round or even bigger size balloons.

The use of other elements like confetti, feathers, petals or other small balloons inside of clear balloons will give a nice touch to your decorations. When thinking of using balloons for decorations, don’t forget what materials to use to tie or hold down the balloons. Using faux or fresh flowers and/or greenery garlands, tassels tail garland, tulle, a single wide ribbon or multiple curly ribbons; are just examples of how it will take the balloons décor into another level… just be creative and make it happen.

Balloons as Centerpieces

Incorporating balloons in centerpieces not only give to the décor a simple, elegant and fun look, but also it will help you in many occasions to create the illusion of a full look with a low investment on a very large spaces/venue that will catch the attention of your guests, while keeping everything more intimate.

Event Design: Miss Deliciouza

Balloons Styling: Boutique Balloons Melbourne

Event Design: Jason James Design | Floral: Seed Floral | Balloons: Pink Mix Parties

Event Design: Showpiece Events

Balloons Designs at Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Considering the large amount of money brides and grooms need to invest to wow their guests at the wedding, a good alternative is the use of balloons to achieve a look that can be stunning with yet simple materials that will not break the bank. Balloons are fantastic alternative when considering the décor of your wedding ceremony and reception creating a huge impact at a low cost.

Event Design: Lace & Likes | Photography: Luke and Katherine Griffin from Max and Friends.

Balloons Styling: Bubble Gum Balloons | Photography: Faye Cornhill

Event Design: Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design | Photography: Mango Studio

Photography: Ellie Grover

Styling your ceiling with balloons.

Just wow… When thinking about what elements we can add to the ceiling in your event, generally lights, chandeliers, paper lanterns, and/or garland of greeneries/flowers are the only elements that come to our mind. But hundreds of balloons all together under your venue’s ceiling, or just couple of dozen giant balloons hanged from the ceiling at different level heights, can also provide an additional wow factor to the décor; while at the same time your party has an elegant and festive atmosphere.

Event Design: Styled by Coco | Balloons: Belle Balloons | Photography: My Little Company Photography

Event Design: Fête NY

Event Designer: Lenzo | Balloons: Belle Balloons.

Event Design & Production: AO Production | Balloons: Balloon Saloon

Styling with Balloons Small Dinner/Party

Who thought that you couldn’t style your small private dinner/party with balloons? Give to your party that sophisticated yet exciting look, while having your guests delighted with the décor.

Photography: Jen O’Sullivan

Event styling: Wild Child Party

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