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Corporate Events

A well-planned corporate event is an important aspect of how your customers and partners view your company or organization. For this reason and many others, it's recommended that you hire a  highly qualified events professional team to give the best impression to your clients, board members, colleagues, employees, and other guests. The team at Showpiece Events will understand your needs, transform the puzzles into a masterpiece, and work within your budget, while we do our best to guarantee to satisfy your expectations and achieve a very successful event. Our corporate events services include but are not limited to Meetings, Simultaneous Meetings, Conferences, Corporate Picnics, Dinner Galas, Fundraising Events, Open Houses and much more. Contact us to see what we can do for you. 

Corporate Events Service
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The Corporate Planning & Coordination package is designed to guide and assist you throughout the entire design, planning, and execution of your event, providing the best experience to you, your guests, and everyone involved.  This package will include:

  • Initial consultation.

  • Help with the selection of theme, color, and style according to the type of your event.

  • Develop and execution of your timeline and budget.

  • Develop surveys and evaluations as needed.

  • Provides you with venue and vendor(s) referrals and serves as your point of contact with the meeting, negotiation, and management.

  • Help you with the selection of the perfect menu and beverage according to your event.

  • Coordinate host(s) and guests' accommodations, transportation arrangements as needed.

  • Coordinate invitations, RSVPs, seating assignments, and registrations as needed.

  • Coordinate kids' friendly area(s), menu(s), and babysitters for your event as needed.

  • Design and execution of programs, custom labels, place cards, menu cards, and signage as required.

  • Provide with a selection of special guests’ welcome packages ideas and execution if as needed.

  • Manage the event setup and breakdown.

  • Manage all your event logistics from beginning to end including the registration and check-out if needed.

  • Provide support and assistance to the chair(s)  during the event.

  • Manage your event's volunteer(s)/staff(s), including the coordination of their food, accommodation, and transportation as needed.

  • Distribute final payments and gratuity to vendors, and more.


Showpiece Events is here to support you on your event with the Corporate's Day Coordination package, making it extra special for your company or organization. We will be guiding, getting to know about your event,  supporting you from the month prior to the event; and taking over the planning and coordination responsibilities of your event from the week prior, so you can focus on hosting and take care of any other important aspect of the event that requires your total attention. This package will include:

  • Initial consultation.

  • The development and execution of your event's timeline and production schedule.

  • Review with you every item needed for the event, making sure that all details have been covered.

  • Coordinate any last-minute detail(s) as needed.

  • Coordinate and manage your vendor(s) from the week prior to your event.

  • Coordinate your rehearsal as needed.

  • Oversee set-up and break-down.

  • Manage the logistics and volunteers of your events.

  • Coordinate registrations and check out as needed.

  • Manage final payment(s) and gratuities to vendor(s).


Showpiece Events is just more than planning and coordination; we can assist you and your company/organization's event in many other ways. You can choose:


  • Consultation only.

  • Design and execution of custom invitations, programs, personal tags, place cards, menu cards, signage, and other printed materials.

  • Design and manage your events' décor.

  • Design and décor meeting(s) table tops only. (Great for small meetings.)

  • Coordinate registrations and check-outs.


Contact us to see how we can help you to impress your guests with personalized and/or custom-made touches created just for your event.

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