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Social Events

What type of event are you looking to plan? Give us a call to schedule an appointment and see what we can do for you. At Showpiece Events, we have years of experience planning different types of events including: Showers, Baptism, First Holy Communion, Birthday Parties, Quinceañera/Sweet Sixteen, Family Gathering, Small Private Parties, Engagement/Rehearsal Dinner Parties, and more.  Whether you’re looking to plan a smaller or bigger event, or just looking for the design and decoration of dessert and/or buffet table, we've got you covered. We are more than happy to make your dream event a reality. Let us help you host the best one ever.

Alicia's First Holy Communion - Showpiece Events
Private Dinner Party - Showpiece Events
Vanessa's Baby Shower - Showpiece Events


We care about making the entire process of your event the best possible experience for everyone involved. That’s why we make the effort to understand your exact needs. The Planning & Coordination package, you will receive:

  • Initial consultation.

  • Assistance choosing theme/color and style.

  • Develop and execution of the budget and timeline.

  • Guidance with the selection of venue, vendors, and menu.

  • Provide vendor(s) referrals and serve as your point of contact with meetings, negotiation, and management.  

  • Design and execution of the decor, as well as other custom and/or personalized touches for that big event such as signage, place cards, menu cards,  food and/or dessert labels, favor tags, and others as needed.

  • Provide a selection of favors/guest bags ideas and execution as needed.

  • Manage accommodation(s) and transportation(s)  for the host(s) and guests as needed.

  • Coordinate invitations, RSVPs, and seating arrangements as needed.

  • Coordinate kids' friendly area(s) and menu(s) for your event as needed.

  • Coordinate rehearsal as needed.

  • Manage set-up and tier-down of your event.

  • Manage the logistic of the celebration.

  • Manage payments and vendor(s) gratuities. 


You deserve to be relaxed and ready to enjoy your celebration with your guests. For that reason, with The Day Coordination package, we will gladly assist you in putting together the last pieces of the puzzle for the day of your event/celebration.  This package will include:

  • Initial consultation.

  • Review with you that every item needed for your celebration has been covered.

  • Develop a timeline for your gathering celebration no less than the week before your event.

  • Coordinate last-minute detail(s) as needed.

  • Coordinate arrivals and/or pick-up item(s) from your vendor(s).

  • Oversee set-up and break-down.

  • Coordinate the logistic of your event.

  • Manage last-minute payment(s) and gratuity for your vendor(s) .


Our kid’s party decor and design package is one of our major specialties; this can be from a small party of 8 kids up to a large party. You may give us your vision or we can provide different ideas, to make this event a special, fun, and memorable day for your child and guests. This package will include:

  • Initial consultation.

  • Design the celebration.

  • Design and execute custom invitations as needed.

  • Guide you with a kids' friendly food and dessert menu according to the theme.

  • Provide you with vendors' referrals.

  • Serve as your point of contact with meetings, negotiation, and management for those vendor(s) that will be used as part of your party decor only as needed.

  • Provide you with a list of  Showpiece Events rental items to be used for the decoration.

  • Design and create any custom/personalized items needed for the celebration, such as key decoration item(s), signage, favor tags, cake and/or cupcake toppers, food and/or dessert labels, and others.

  • Provide a selection of favors/guest bags ideas according to the theme and the execution as needed.

  • Design and install balloon decoration.

  • Create table centerpieces.

  • Manage and execute the set-up's decor.


There is always a reason to celebrate, and  Showpiece Events will be there just for you in many ways. From Birthdays, to Anniversaries, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Graduation Party, Rehearsals,  Baptism, First Communion,  Family Reunion or just because, there is many reasons to need a hand.  Impress your guests with personalized and/or custom-made touches that we will create for your event. We  can help you with:

  • Consultation only.

  • Design and execution of custom invitations, signage, place cards, menu cards, cake and/or cupcake toppers, favor tags, banners, balloons and other printed materials.

  • Design and execution of your event's decor.

  • Design and decor of dessert/buffet tables only.

  • Design and execution of table top decor according to every occasion or theme selected. (Great for small private party dinner.)

  • Floral centerpiece/decor.

  • Balloon decor design and installation.

Social Events Service
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